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Tech Training & Mentoring

Tech empowerment for Arts & Culture professionals.

"Laura has an almost magic knack for taking skills and subjects that I have been almost phobic of for most of my life, and not only making them accessible and enjoyable, but transforming them into exciting opportunities and appealing tools that have become central to my imagination as an artist. They are a gifted educator, with a fiercely generous and warm creativity."
Gemma Garwood, Multidisciplinary Artist & Visual Storyteller

Get in touch for group or one-to-one training and mentoring in:


Creative Hardware & Software (e.g. Raspberry Pi, Microbit, Twine).

Creative Tech literacy.

Positioning yourself as a physical artist in a tech-focused world.

How to approach new technologies for the first time.

Book established workshops, or tailored training. In-person or remote. Suitable for organisations, groups, or individual professional development. 

Hands-on, adjusted to your level of tech experience, and non-patronising!


Thank you for getting in touch.

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